Social WOrk

Vadim Bulgac


Vadim Bulgac

The society we live in today can be called as “The World of Need”. As never before, today’s society does not know what to do with people who are going through difficulties or have special needs. Some think that the families in which these people were born are responsible for solving their needs while others think of methods of help by burdening the state, while others support the idea that the Church is responsible for the people in need. What do you think? Within Divitia Gratiae University, a special program in social work has been developed with the objective of preparing Christians which have the calling from God to serve their neighbors in Moldova as well as in Central Asia. If you feel a strong God’s calling and you want to help people who are in need, our program in social work studies is one of the best places for that. 

Curriculum Overview

Below are the subjects you will cover during your three years of training. These are geared towards developing professional skills as well as the spiritual discipline to become a person of strong character.



Introduction to the O.T.

Mirzabek Dosov

Introduction to the N.T.

Dumitru Sevastian

Introduction to Moodle

Iurie Malancea

Spiritual Formation

Gheorghe Mihailov

History of Christianity

Serghei Ghermanov

Introduction to Islam

Victor Ormanji

Introduction to Psychology

Vadim Bulgac

General Psychology

Elena Constantinova

Methodology of Learning Activities

Pavel Poperecini

First Aid and Hygiene

Natalia Vornicova


Vadim Bulgac

Social Work Methodology

Elena Constantinova

History of Christianity 2

Serghei Ghermanov


Joan Davis

Bible Study Methods

Victor Ormanji

Social Work within the Family

Ildica Doncilă

Biblical Theology of the Family

Mihail Malancea

The Social Protection System of Moldova

Elena Constantinova

Islamic World Culture

Victor Ormanji

The Art of Communication

Nadejda Damian

Our Lecturers:

Mariana Iorgu UDG

Mariana Iorgu

Teaches on Emotional Intellect, Psychology. M.A.

Ildica Doncila UDG

Ildica Doncilă

Teaches within the Social Work Program, M.A.

Elena Constantinova

Teaches within the Social Work Program, M.A.

Ludmila Caragia

Teaches Counseling, Rhetoric, M.A.

Mihai Malancea

Teaches Theology of the Family, Missiology, Intercultural studies, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.

Vladimir Ubeivolc

Vladimir Ubeivolc

Teacher of Missiology, Ethics and Ministry, Ph.D.