Meet Our Team

The university’s faculty consists of 40 local faculty members and 21 faculty members from Romania, the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Germany. With a good academic background and extensive missionary experience, most of the local faculty also teach at various theological schools in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Iurie Malancea

Rector, Teaches Marketing, Strategic Management, Ph.D.

Divitia Gratiae University

Dumitru Sevastian

Prorector, Academic Dean, Teaches New Testament, Greek. Ph.D.

Pavel Poperechnii

Pavel Poperecinii

Prorector, Teacher of Mission Theology, New Testament Theology and more, M.A

Victor Ormanji

Dean of Mission Program, Teaches on the topic of Intercultural Studies, Islam. M.A.

Divitia Gratiae University

Vadim Bulgac

Dean of Social Work Program, Teaches on Christian history, Ethics and Archeology, M.A.

Igor Prisac

Igor Prisac

Dean of Management Program, Teaches Management, Macroeconomics, Project Management. Assoc. Prof. Ph.D.