Master IN Leadership & Management

Starting from 2017 UDG is offering a master program in leadership and management in collaboration with TCMI (USA). 

Advanced knowledge for managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders An international faculty body, TCMI USA program, a flexible schedule with modern teaching methods, and experience in forming and shaping the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Graduates of this program will be able to:




Years to Complete

2 - 4

Delivery Platforms


Curriculum Overview

Fundational Leadership and Management (LM)

  • Management theory and models
  • Leadership and Management
  • Strategic Management

Concentration Organisational Leadership(LM)

  • LM 102 Organisational Behavior
  • PT/OL 500 Discipleship
  • PT/OL 612 Transforming Leadership
  • PT/OL 512 Servant Leadership
  • PT/OL 511 Leadership Development in Min.
  • PT/OL 515 Theology and Practice of Ministry

Fundational Biblical

  • BS 515 Introduction to Old Testament Studies
  • BS 535 Introduction to New Testament Studies
  • BS 500 Hermeneutics

Fundational Theological

  • HT 500 History of Christian Theology 1
  • HT 501 History of Christian Theology 2
  • ST 510 Christian Ethics
  • ST 532 Mission Theology

Research and Probation

  • PT 600 Research methods course
  • PT 601 Integrated Reflection Portfolio

Our Professors:

Jozsef Steiner

Teaches on the topic of Leadership. Ph.D.

Richard Justice

Teaches Leadership and Management, Ph.D.

Rodica Bunescu

Teaches Organizational Behavior and Emotional Intellect. Ph.D. Stud.

Tatiana Stucalova

Teaches Microeconomics, Operational Management, Sales, Ph.D. stud.

Mihai Malancea

Teaches Theology of the Family, Missiology, Intercultural studies, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.

Igor Prisac

Igor Prisac

Teaches Management, Macroeconomics, Project Management. Assoc. Prof. Ph.D.