Business & Management


Igor Prisac

Entrepreneurial activity is a domain which benefits from an increasing momentum in implication within the society and it contains a lot of instruments for promoting the evangelical mission. The problem which needs to be solved in reaching this objective is that there aren’t enough Christian entrepreneurs which can demonstrate success in terms of profit as well as in living as Christ’s disciples. We look forward towards a fruitful collaboration in the process of creating your future as servants in the kingdom of God through businesses and durable social initiatives.

Curriculum Overview

Below are the subjects you will cover during your three years of training. These are geared towards developing professional skills as well as the spiritual discipline to become a person of strong character.




Igor Prisac


Tatiana Stucalova

Introduction to Computer Science

Iurie Malancea
Andrei Oselschii


Eugenia Lachi
Cristina Pochidco


Damian Nadejda

Introduction to the O.T.

Mirzabek Dosov

Introduction to the N.T.

Dumitru Sevastian

History of Christianity

Serghei Ghermanov

Methodology of the Learning Activity

Pavel Poperecinii

Applied Mathematics

Natalia Vornicova

Introduction to Islam

Victor Ormanji

Psychology of Christian Behavior

Ion Eremeev

Introduction to Accounting

Ecaterina Burlea

Bible study methods

Victor Ormanji

World economy

Igor Prisac

Applied Statistics

Tatiana Stucalova

Biblical theology of the family

Mihail Malancea

The Christian life

Gheorghe Mihailov

Our Professors:

Iurie Malancea

Rector, Teaches Marketing, Strategic Management, Ph.D.

Igor Prisac

Igor Prisac

Dean of Management Program, Teaches Management, Macroeconomics, Project Management. Assoc. Prof. Ph.D.

Mariana Iorgu UDG

Mariana Iorgu

Teaches on Emotional Intellect, Psychology. M.A.

Tatiana Stucalova

Teaches Microeconomics, Operational Management, Sales, Ph.D. stud.

Ludmila Caragia

Teaches Counseling, Rhetoric, M.A.

Mihai Malancea

Teaches Theology of the Family, Missiology, Intercultural studies, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D.