Applied theology

TCMIn the postgraduate program of TCM International Institute (www.tcmi.org) more than 800 students from Europe and Central Asia are studying. This is one of the most well-known institutions in the field of applied theology. This program offers a unique opportunity in developing relationships, contacts and partnership for the work of ministry, offering the possibility to participate at courses which are taught in Austria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland and Moldova.
The Master program in applied theology gives you the opportunity to benefit from an advanced training in building the kingdom of God by enriching your degree of competences, efficiency and the ability to think, serve and love. With all these aptitudes, the holders of Master degrees are better equipped in: planting churches, working as spiritual counselors or pastors, working in various mission organizations, social assistants etc.
The professors which are involved in this program come from universities and seminars from USA, Austria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland and Republic of Moldova. The program consists of 16 courses which correspond to the number of credits necessary.
Admission rules