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Sevastian DumitruAt the moment, there is a tremendous need for servants who have a life which is clean and filled with the Holy Spirit, whose faith is based on a profound study of the Holy Scriptures and which are ready to serve the Lord in the society as well as in the church. The bachelor program in pastoral theology has the task of preparing such servants.

This program has the following objectives:

  • To give biblical knowledge to students by taking into consideration the historical and cultural context; getting familiarized with the fundamentals of theology and general disciplines; learning the biblical languages (Greek and Hebrew) and also Romanian, Russian and English.
  • To offer spiritual assistance with the purpose of forging the biblical truths and tuning the life to the values of the Holy Scriptures in order to grow in love towards God and towards the people we serve
  • To equip students with the necessary instruments in order for them to be able to perform exegetic analysis of the Scriptures, to write academic papers and to apply them by using homiletic principles in preaching the Gospel which takes into consideration the context and the needs of the audience and teaching biblical knowledge to churches through seminars and sessions of spiritual counseling

The graduates with a bachelor degree in pastoral theology identify themselves with the following characteristics:

  • They are good knowers of the Holy Scriptures, of the historical and theological context in which the Old and New Testament have been written. They know the fundamental doctrines of evangelical Christianity in Romanian, Russian and English.
  • UDG graduates are good scouts in the labyrinth of the preeminent worldview concepts, having a well-established biblical concept.
  • They have the necessary instruments and the capacity to offer spiritual help to the members of the church and of the society.

The bachelor program in pastoral theology is spread over a period of 3 years and it encompasses the following activities: summer practice, youth meetings with spiritual and ethical contents, academic conferences where students are involved together with professors in various activities. The educational process combines very well the didactic process with the practical activity of the students.

The faculty of the theological program is a friendly family with professors which are well prepared academically, having Master and PhD degrees, with a rich, practical experience. We have 36 teachers from Moldova and from abroad involved in teaching.

The leadership of the university puts as much effort as possible in improving studying conditions, investing in equipment and classrooms with the purpose of creating an environment which welcomes studying.

PhD Dumitru Sevastian, 

Dean of the Theology and Mission program
cell: +373 (0) 69155807
e-mail: sevastiand@gmail.com

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