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Mission and intercultural studies program

Victor Ormanji

 General aspects about the intercultural studies program

This program is oriented towards studying the Christian mission factor and everything related with this theological discipline. Christian mission is based on the biblical theology of the Holy Scriptures, an in-depth study of the world’s religions, of the cultures of different nations and also knowing the worldviews of those influenced by the mystical Orient as well as those from the rationalistic west. By comprehending the above mentioned factors, the basic device for elaborating effective missionary strategies is formed.

The scope and motivation from which this program has ascended is the fulfillment of the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ and understanding the cultural factors, the contextualization of the Gospel which contain key elements in communicating the divine Grace of our Lord to all people.
This program is for three years, and it includes the most efficient methods of studying and researching the key elements based on which a community is being developed from the religious and socio-economic point of view. The courses in this program include practical and apologetic methods offered to the students for an efficient spreading of the evangelical message among the nations which live in Muslim, Hindu and Animistic countries.

Specific particularities that contribute to the fulfillment of the scope
In order for us to realize the scope we have established, the university has a few unique particularities for the post-soviet space; elements which should be taken into consideration by those who consider being a part in the missionary work: well-equipped professors and an international environment reflected by the student body.

1) Well-equipped professors
The teachers involved in the educational process are well prepared, having academic as well as practical abilities. All the professors have a Master’s degree and some of them PhDs in theology. Seventy percent of the faculty is made of local professors who fluently speak two-three languages in which they teach their courses. Most of them are international professors which teach in other countries in Europe and Central Asia.
Thirty percent of the professors involved in the program are from USA, Western Europe and Great Britain. They are selected based on their Christian character and an adequate academic preparation. All our professors have an excellent spiritual training, being pastors in local churches and missionaries. The missionary experience of our professors is a tremendous strength of our institution.

2) An international environment reflected in the student body
If the professors represent the device through which we realize the scope of this program, then the multi-national student body is the treasure of our university. At the moment, the students involved in the educational process come from 10 countries and they belong to more than 20 nationalities and ethnic groups.

The cultural weight manifested through the presence of these ethnic groups and nationalities is an intrinsic richness for missionary development from the intercultural perspective. During the course of every year, students organize and lead worship services in the chapel which are specific to the culture they are coming from. The multinational aspect thus creates the corresponding atmosphere for the development of the program which is an important factor in the study process.

Another important aspect is the summer practice of the students. In order for the students to enrich the accumulated knowledge, they are involved in practical activities in the Republic of Moldova, Turkey, North Caucasus, and other countries from Central Asia.

If you have heard the calling of the Lord and you want to get involved in God’s great commission of saving other nations, our program in intercultural studies is the best place for that. Here you can get good training for ministering among Muslims, Hindu, Buddhists, and Animists.

Victor Ormanji, 
Chief of intercultural studies program
cell: +373 (0) 69345555
e-mail: info@uni-dg.md

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