Social work

Social work Program

Vadim Bulgac

The society we live in today can be called as “The World of Need”. As never before, today’s society does not know what to do with people who are going through difficulties or have special needs. Some think that the families in which these people were born are responsible for solving their needs while others think of methods of help by burdening the state, while others support the idea that the Church is responsible for the people in need. What is your opinion? Where do you stand on this issue? Within Divitia Gratiae University, a special program in social work has been developed with the objective of preparing Christians which have the calling from God to serve their neighbors in Moldova as well as in Central Asia. The program is aimed towards Romanian and Russian speaking students. We prepare specialists which have the capacity to combine knowledge with practice and also have the gift of mercy and well doing with an efficient social management. Also, we aim at preparing specialists ready to work in Christian social centers, special projects within churches and for different domains of social activity as well. For the realization of this scope, we have the following objectives:

  • Equipping the student with academic knowledge in the field of social assistance;
  • Theological, social and psychological education of the student;
  • Offering the possibility of practical service in centers specialized in social assistance. 

The duration of studies is three years. The students will get accommodations and meals through the whole year. In the teaching process we have teachers from the Republic of Moldova as well as from outside, like Great Britain and USA.
Vadim Bulgac,
Dean of the social work program
mob: +373 (0) 69147111 e-mail: vadym777@gmail.com

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