Admission rules


In collaboration with TCM Institute (Austria), Baylor University (USA), and Harshey Community (USA) UDG is organizing 4 master programs: Master in applied theology, master in social assistance, master in spiritual counseling, and master in leadership and management. The master program with reduced frequency takes place based on the system of transferable credits which can be accumulated in a certain amount of time.

For admission at master programs , the following documents are necessary:

  • Application form
  • The original and a copy of the bachelor degree
  • A recommendation letter from the local church and from the leadership of the church
  • A recommendation letter from the leadership of UDG (for TCM)
  • 2 pictures 3,5×4.5
  • For the Master program in applied theology, the applicant has to present a legalized copy of the university transcript and a picture of the family if the applicant is married.

Contact information:

  • Master in applied theology and spiritual counseling: tel: +373 22 541357, mob +373 69453809,
  • Master in social assistance: tel: +373 22 541357, mob: +373 69147111 e-mail:,